Chloramination and nutrient monitoring

ChemScan® Analyzer Accessories,
Sample Handling Options & Data Communication


Wastewater Filter Options

Typical applications:
- aeration basins
(sequenced batch reactors)
No Filter Needed if
TSS is less than
150 mg/L
NTU is less than 60

External Filter Required

TSS is greater than 150 mg/L, NTU is greater than 60

In-Situ Cyclic Filter
(In-Tank Wand)

Flow-Through Cyclic
(FTC) Filter
Cross-Flow Filter

Run is less than 50 ft
Lift is less than 10 ft

Run is less than 500 ft

Run is less than 1500 ft
Maximum of Four Filters/
Sample Lines per Analyzer
Maximum of Four Filters
Per Analyzer
Maximum of 8 Sample
Points Per Filter System

No external pump required

* SBR Applications Require
Pivoting Wand Mount -
Std. Wand is Fixed Angle

Free protected (Heat
Traced option available)



External pump(s)
Provided by ASA
or Others

10-20 GPM


External pump(s)
Provided by ASA
Alternative: Valves and
Single Central Pump

30 GPM Minimum

Sample Circulation Chamber (SCC)

For coarse screening. Algae screening protects analyzer
inlet screens and reduces maintenance. Typical applications include
post secondary clarifier.

TSS is less than 150 mg/L, NTU is less than 60

Run is greater than 20 ft
Lift is greater than 5 ft

Maximum of Eight Sample Lines

External Pump(s) Required
- Provided by ASA or Others

3-10 GPM


Sample Extraction Accessory

For use with the ChemScan mini analyzer. Provides a pressurized sample.

TSS is less than 150 mg/L,
NTU is less than 60

(Includes Pump and
Sample Circulation
Loop Assembly)




Other Accessories

Heated Traced Cyclic Sample Line

Flexible conduit prevents freezing and damage to sample line. An option for any cyclic wand application




Sample Circulaton Pumps

Light Duty, Submersible Pump
1.3" Max. Dia. Solids
Weight: 20 - 30 lbs
Power: 1/4 - 3/4 HP, 120 VAC 60 Hz
Power Cable: 20 feet
12 foot SS support cable

Heavy Duty, High Head, Submersible,
Grinder Pump. Cast Iron Construction
Weight: 70 lbs
Power: 2.3 HP 230 or 460 VAC
Power Cable: 30 feet
Mounting: Dual guide bars
Note: Guide bars are typically provided by others



Data Communication Options


Customer Interface Module

Features a Max. of Eight 4-20 mA
Outputs, Alarms and Input

Programmable Logic Controller

For use when 4-20 mA Outputs
are greater than eight



Modbus RTU

Direct from Analyzer to
Terminal Block in EIE

SUB-D RS-232 terminal for
temporary laptop connection
available in lower enclosure


See Factory for Limitations


Modbus TCP/IP


AB Ethernet IP
(Allen Bradley)

Typically used when
connecting to Allen-
Bradley Plant System

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