Chloramination and nutrient monitoring

Chromium VI in Water

Standard Chlorine Analysis

Chromium in hexavalent form is sometimes used for corrosion control in closed loop heat exchange systems, and as a decorative or protective surface coating for metals.

Chromium analysis in the laboratory typically requires atomic absorption, inductively coupled plasma or colorimetric analysis after reaction with diphenylcarbazide.

ChemScan Analysis Method

Hexavalent chromium has a strong natural absorbance signature in water, extending from the ultraviolet wavelength range into the visible wavelength range. Direct analysis can be performed by ChemScan based on the relationship between absorbance intensity and concentration, after adjustment for turbidity and interferences.

This method can detect chromium down to the low ppm range through a standard (10 mm) path length cell or at lower concentration using extended path lengths.


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