Chloramination and nutrient monitoring



Iodine is sometimes used as a disinfectant for potable water and swimming pools. The principal interest in analysis of iodine in water is as a reactant following the addition of iodide reagent to a sample that contains an oxidant. The oxidant displaces iodine, which can be measured and used to back calculate the oxidant concentration in the sample.

Standard laboratory analysis uses amperometric titration.

ChemScan Analysis Method

The ChemScan A-2000 Amperometric Analyzer can be used to detect iodine concentrations in potable or recreational waters. This is a variation of Standard Method 4500-I-C.

ChemScan full spectrum uv-visible absorbance analyzers can be used to detect the strong, unique absorbance signature of iodine in water. This is often performed as a detection step in the idiometric analysis of total chlorine, chloramines and other oxidants.


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