Chloramination and nutrient monitoring

Success Stories

Featured Analyzer Publication Date Published
"Online Process Analyzer Installed at F.J. Horgan WTP to Monitor Chloramination"
Environmental Science & Engineering March/April, 2010
"Real-Time Control Optimizes Extended Aeration Processes" (Valrico - Hillsborough County, FL)
WaterWorld August, 2010
"Scanning Success: A Multi-Parameter Analyzer Helps a Kentucky Treatment Plant Step up to the Plate and Meet a New Phosphorus Limit in it's Permit" (West Hickman Creek, KY)
Treatment Plant Operator August, 2010
"Case Study: Curren Hits the Bull's Eye Using Online Process Analyzers"
Environmental Protection August, 2010
"Online Analyzers Improve Control of Chloramination Process in Milwaukee" (Milwaukee Water Works, Howard Avenue)
Water and Wastes Digest October, 2010
"WWTP Installs New Affordable ortho-Phosphorus Analyzer to Help Contain Escalating Chemical Costs." (Sheboygan)
mini oP
Doing It With Data: A Calgary Wastewater Treatment Plant Finds Real-Time Information on Effluent Quality Critical to Achieving Consistent Performance in Biological Nutrient Removal (Bonnybrook)
Treatment Plant
March, 2011
Pasco County Uses Total Life Cycle Costing to Select Chloramination Analyzers UV-2150/S Water Online May, 2012
With Success of Online Process Control, WWTP Anticipates End of Consent Order UV-4100 Florida Water Resources Journal January, 2013
The Denver, Colo., Metro Wastewater Reclamation District wanted near real-time nutrient analysis for a very challenging headworks wastewater aeration process. UV-6101 Treatment Plant Operator April, 2014
ChemScan mini LoP improves performance at a food processing wastewater facility mini-LoP Pollution Equipment News March, 2017
ChemScan mini Analyzers monitor Sulfite and Chlorine Levels mini LowChor
mini Sulfite
Treatment Plant Operator March , 2017

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